Thursday 1 May 2014

Most Popular Types of Audio and Video Cable Connectors

The all new range of cable connectors have terminal at the end of cable that carries digital signals. The connectors were first introduced in 1983, that time they were developed to carry range of digital audio signals mainly from compact disc players to outboard digital-to-analog converters. Today, typically most of the connectors have the small TO Slink plug built in them that carries digital audio and video signals. With this facility consumers can access internet at a higher speed, watch movies and listen to music and can enjoy many other things. Now coming to their key benefits, they are more beneficial in comparison to the wire-based connectors, it is because cable connectors carry light pulses instead of electrical signals, it helps to avoid electrical interference that mainly occurs due to wire cables. These equipments can be categorized into different types according to their usage and specifications.

Categorization of Cable Connectors:

Audio Cable Connectors: Audio signals encompasses a large number of signals ranging from digital to analog.  They are used for different purposes that is decided of the kind of signal they transmit. There are many uses of a audio connectors such as from home theater to music DJ's and in many other applications. Some of the common forms of audio cable connectors includes:

1/4-inches (6.3mm) Type: It is also known as phone connectors. Mostly used in pro-audio applications, and are used to patch telephone signals connections together.

3.5mm Audio Type: These are also called as mini-plug, available in the form of thin metal plug and are used to carry one, two or three signals. Mainly used for computers and portable devices for stereo audio.

Video Cable Connectors: This kind of connectors you can find on PC, projectors, televisions, DVD, video game consoles, set-top boxes and other variety of electronic appliances. They mainly serve the purpose of to connect the video signals from one device to another. Several types of video connectors are given below:

DisplayPort Type: DisplayPort is an interface technology that is designed to connect high-end graphics capable PCs and displays as well as home theater equipment and displays. Generally, have 20 pin connector that allows the contact pin to send maximum data transfer rates.

HDMI Type: HDMI uses a 19-pin connector that is held in place by friction. This connector is technically described as a Type A HDMI connector. This technology carries the video signals but have the additional capacity for digital audio and control signals as well.

Overall the varieties of cable connectors is a great solution to the problem of creating a safe connection between electronic appliances. It take less time for installation as compare to the other connecting devices, hence provide better connectivity and signals due to the ease of use and simple design. This product is very popular in the market because of its  high-end features like durability, safety, ease of use, compact size, etc. Customers can easily find them at their nearest stores, but it is strongly advised that make their purchase from a reputed online store, as they offer branded products at affordable price range. Several online buyers and manufacturers helps you to determine the best quality product as per your needs. So, without delays log in to your computer to get the best available deal in cable connectors in a hassle free manner.

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