Wednesday 14 May 2014

TradeIndia's Interactive mediums

Tradeindia, one of the largest b2b portal in India is offering business solutions to a ray of buyers and suppliers in India and across the world. Tradeindia has come up on various social and online mediums to offer informative and interactive content to its users and related traders.
If you are a buyer or a seller then social linking with Tradeindias' account can provide you with countless updates and business related tips. You can post questions or comments on the posting and increase interaction with the industrial experts. These social platforms will definitely add some value to your business. Some of the online mediums where you can get in touch with Tradeindia are Slideshare and Twitter.

Slideshare: is a portal where one can share power point presentations on any topic online. is a very informative website with a collection of over thousands of PPT and slides. If you will search for Trade India on Slideshare, you will get a collection of PPTs upload by Tradeindia over various issues, products and services. Trade India often shares PPTs about its customers and their offerings. It has uploaded more than 700 PPTs on slideshare as on the date. You can go through various company profiles of different enterprises and select perfect buyers or suppliers for your business. Lists of popular manufactures and suppliers for different products and details about various product industries and categories are the other contents for trade India's PPTs on Slideshares.

Twitter: Twitter being a social platform acts more as a thought wing for Trade India. Tradeindia shares on Twitter motivational thoughts ,business news and updates, Tradeindia's blogs and other informative content on its Twitter page. You can get good reading stuff, informative blogs, inspirational quotes, industry updates by similarly being a follower of Trade India on twitter. You can even post comment for getting details about a particular post. Be a follower will be a beneficial decision for the buyers and the suppliers all across the world.

Get connected with Trade India through these interactive mediums and be a step ahead with your competitors. As tradeindia is all about traders, you can get in touch with your potential customers through these mediums.

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