Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Features of Technologically Advanced RO Water Purifier

Are you aware of all the benefits of RO water purifier? Do you know how it works and technology behind its functions? If, your answer is no, then here we are going to share some of the useful information about RO water purifiers, that let you to make a better understand about their technology, features and benefits associated with them. Nowadays, several water purifiers are available in the market enabled with variety of features, but the most effective of them is a reverse osmosis purification system that uses a semi permeable membrane for water purification. This membrane removes all the dust particles and harmful contaminants that are larger than .001 microns. Many big companies and manufacturing plants preferably have installed RO plants at their workplace or for the welfare of public, so that they all will get safe drinking water.

Working Procedure of RO Water Purifier

First Phase: The first phase of water purification in RO plants involves filtration, coagulation and chlorination. Some chemicals are also added to control the pH and hardness of water.

Second Phase: This step involves membrane filtration and the capacity of the plant is increased by increasing the number of filter modules. The factors that lead to the efficient performance of a RO system are, the incoming water pressure, its temperature, the amount and consistency of total dissolved solids and most importantly the quality of the filters and the membrane.

Technology Behind RO Water Purifier

The ultra filtration (UF) technology is the latest addition for RO water purification. The RO plant enabled with UF technology can remove suspended solids, colloids,  and bacterial impurities by using membranes with a pore size between 1-100 nm.

This machine features a number of positive attributes such as multi-stage filtration system, micro switch float feature to stop over flow of water, manual flush facility, automatic switch-off facility, post taste enhancer, TDS support facility, and drain line.

The reverse osmosis water purifier is generally equipped with removable water storage tank. It comes with the facility to eliminate the tough new-age contaminants. The standard size storage tank can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water.


Hence, all this provided information let you to better understand about the features and working principles of RO water purifier system. Whether it's being a technologically advanced machine, but it can be easily maintained and installed as you require. The best part is, reverse osmosis system are easily available online where you can compare among variety of products, can read customer reviews and other related information. So, without any delays, log in to your computer and get out the best deal of RO water purifier in best possible price range.

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