Tuesday 13 May 2014

Merits of Using Plate Heat Exchanger in Different Industries

In the most of the power generation applications, and coolant system plate heat exchanger is used to transfer the heat between two liquids and to maintain the right temperature. They are generally compact in size, and light weighted which is easy for transportation. It is one of the efficient type of heat exchangers which is made up of multiple, thin and slightly separated metal plates. These metal plates plays an important role in the entire heat transfer system, as it separate the surface area and provide a passage for the fluid to pass in the heat transfer process. Additionally, plate heat exchangers promotes maximum heat transfer with high efficiency, the heat exchangers can handle maximum temperature up to 170°C.

Features and Advantages of Plate Heat Exchanger:

  • Typically, heat exchanger can be divided into three groups, that include fully welded type, gaskets, and brazed. It's very hard to determine the difference between various types of heat exchangers. They can be only judged as per their usage and specific heat transfer units. 

  •  Properly designed plate heat exchanger have no chance of leakage. Some of the most commonly used form of heat exchangers are air conditioners, refrigerators, coolants, car radiator and many other electronic as well as manual equipments.
  • This device helps to keep the engine cooled and at the same time preventing it from overheating, the same procedure go for other cooling devices.
  • The most common material used in the making of plate heat exchangers is stainless steel, but they can also be made using variety of materials in different sizes and specifications.The other metals could be aluminum, copper, bronze, and cast iron.
  • The plates in a heat exchanger are assembled in a 180° angle to each other, which make flow gaps on each side of heat exchanger. Each plate is provided with a gasket, which securely seals the flow gaps from the atmosphere and separates the two media used in the heat exchange.
  • An efficient heat exchanger is compact in size, provide low cost of operation, and cover less floor space than the other available options. Also, future changes are possible by fixing extra heat transfer metal plates.

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