Friday, 23 May 2014

Basic Types of DC Motors Best Suited for Control Applications

DC motor is an electronic device that works on the principal of motion and torque control. It uses phenomena in which magnetic field and electric field interact with each to produce mechanical force, that will be further used  in pumps, water motors and few more electronic devices. With its effective torque and speed control facility, it works well in the control applications for instance, automobiles, remote control equipments, etc. This kind of motors are available in portable sizes and features several other qualities like low power consumption, quicker operations and quick acceleration, these are some of its main features that makes it better as compare to other options of electric motors.

Different Types of DC Motors

Brushed Motors: Brushed motors are widely used in the applications ranging from toys to push-button adjustable seats. Additionally, made up of components including rotor for rotation movement, stator a stationary magnetic field around the rotor and brushes, and a commutator. Several advantages of using brushed motors is that they are easy to drive, cost-effective in price, and easily available in varied shapes and sizes.

Servo Motors: These motors are designed for applications involves position control, velocity control and torque control. Servo motors are mechanical devices that are specifically designed to move the output shaft attached to a servo wheel or arm to a specified position.

Universal Motors: The universal motor is a rotating electrical device designed to operate on both AC and DC current. The stator and rotor winding of the motor are connected in series through the rotor commutator. The series motor is designed to move heavy loads with high torque in applications such as crane motor or lift hoist.

Series Wound Motors:
These motors are ideally suited for high-torque applications, such as electric trains, conveyors, elevators, and several others. In series wound motors speed is restricted to 5000 RPM and give the highest torque in comparison to the other types.

DC motor are used to accomplish a number of tasks related to our every day life in an easy and quick manner. So, if you want to know more about DC motors, simply log in to your computer to find a suitable website that offers  variety of DC motors in different specifications. Furthermore, suppliers do offer instruction manuals, list of features, model ratings and dimensions of motor along with the detailed description of product. Carefully go through all the given information, it let you to understand more about its functionality and performance.

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