Thursday, 22 May 2014

Soft and Smooth Mink Blanket Great to Use in Your Homes and Outside Places

Mink blanket is essential for bedding, it is an elegant bed product that is made up of warmth and soft fabrics. They are available in exemplary patterns which includes leopard prints, floral designs and many other customized designs. This product is extremely soft and supple along with a luxurious appearance, it looks incomparably marvelous, stylish and perfectly suits to different types of home decor. It is important to understand that blankets made from the fur of mink is quite rare in the market. Hence in current scenario, good quality mink blanket is generally manufactured from man made acrylic fabric and polyester.

Varieties of Mink Blankets and their Advantages:

Queen Size Mink Blanket: This blanket is perfect to use for types of bedding. Give a luxurious feel and the price is also reasonable for these blankets. It fits very well with all types of bedrooms. This new queen size mink blanket covers a large area of bed. This beautiful blanket is easy to maintain and is crafted from 100% acrylic. This blanket is of high quality and give a soft and comfort feel. Highly attractive and well suited for many different types of bedroom decor.

King Size Mink Blanket: The wonderful color combination and thick textured finish are the two main features of king size mink blanket. It is a fade-proof product which is easy to maintain. This blanket is very durable are certainly a must-have in your bedrooms. Created from 100% microfiber, this mink blanket is thick and durable enough to resist allergens and dust as well. It’s also quite stylish and provide that softness and luxury feel. The blanket is easy to clean in a washing machine and can be taken to the park or home on the sofa.

Silver Dragon Mink Blanket: This is a fabulous creation that is great choice to use in your bedroom and wherever you need a warm and cozy blanket.. It is especially good for outdoor purpose because it have a thick and durable finish. This Korean mink blanket is made by using high quality materials and will last for many years. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean, this high quality blanket can be used on beds or can be carried outside on a picnic or camping trips. This type of blanket features the detailed artwork of a silver dragon that look extremely nice.

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