Wednesday 9 April 2014

Types of Incense Sticks and their Uses

The perfume trade began during the Medieval age in the countries like India, China and Arabia. It has soon became the major export value product in the global markets. As the trade flourished, the demand increased for variety of herbal incense sticks made from roses, leaves, amber, clove, etc. Burning incense sticks is an effective way to beat stress and encourage balance in our daily routines. A quality incense stick provide a pleasant experience to the people such as mental and spiritual clarity. 

Incense Sticks

Varieties of Incense Sticks:

Joss Sticks: Historically, Joss was used in China in reference to their idol shrine that is called a joss house. The joss sticks burned inside of the Buddha shrines. Today, joss stick refer to different kinds of incense sticks, which is used in multiple ways by different cultures. These sticks can be used for any reason, like making the smell of a room better or lighting fireworks and more.

Stick Incense: It is categorized into two types that includes cored sticks and solid sticks. A cored incense stick has a layer of incense material surrounding with a piece of bamboo or sandalwood. They usually tend to burn for short periods of time. A solid stick is made entirely of incense material which may be further divided into parts, that allow the user to determine how much they wish to burn at a time.

Loose Incense: This type of incense is available in powdered or granulated form. It tends to burn quickly, and is most preferred in the religious places. Loose incense can be combustible or non-combustible which depends on its ingredients.

Cone Incense: Incense cone are the most popular forms of combustible fragrance incense. This type of incense burns relatively fast and is quite easily available in the market. It is a solid piece of material, that burn for quite a long period of time.

Paste Incense: It is generally made up of a loose mixture of herbs, flowers and other fragrant materials. Available in non-combustible mixture that can be shaped and burned for long periods of time depending upon its size. They are generally mixed with a sticky base that binds the paste together such bases might be of fruit, honey, resins, etc.

The stimulating effects of certain types of incense sticks are helpful to boost our overall potential and energy when we are feeling sad, weak, discouraged or fatigued. Since ancient times,it has been also utilized for medicinal and aromatherapy purposes. A large number of of b2b portal offer incense sticks exporters in variety of fragrances, which could be an added advantage for the customers. The online portals are the most trusted platform to purchase quality products at affordable prices.

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