Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Explaining About the Specifications and Varieties of DC Motors

The electronic and electrical devices plays a very important role in our day to day life. Today most of the industrial appliances depend on electric motors. In this regard, a DC motor design and operational efficiency works well with all the industrial tools. Like most of the modern electric motors, it works on a principle in which it uses magnetic fields for rotary motion like today we have brush-less motors, stepper motors, conventional motors, ball bearing motors, etc. All these options are easy to get from the market as well as these motors are not only used to run heavy machinery, but also utilized to run domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaner, water motor, etc. Without a doubt, DC Motors are the most efficient types of electrical motors. Some of the main characteristics are speed, torque, direction of rotation, motor dimensions, shaft design, and armature current, all these features ensure that the given load is driven in an appropriate manner. Hence, these motors produce more effective results as compared to the other available options and work for long without any damage.

Categories of DC Motors:

Low Power DC Motors: The low power motors are useful for the light weight or domestic applications, as heavy weight transportation applications require more power and torque to work properly. However, they are less in power, but at the same time provide great precision to the work. The most common example of a low power motor is digital system such as personal computers, DVD players, and more.

Medium Power DC Motors: These motors are mainly used a rectifier to convert the AC current into DC current. In this entire process, voltage amount needs to be controlled so that the current doesn't overpower the circuit and burn out the motor. Due to their large size and spacing requirements, they still serve a purpose mainly in the industries where size and speed doesn't matter, such place is in pinsetters in a bowling alley.

High Power DC Motors: These are the most common and powerful type of DC motors. Generally used in open systems where high-speed torque and power is required for the motion and drive. For instance, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, elevators, hybrid cars, etc. They require a lot of energy to work to give the most energy efficient performance.

Hence, a DC motor has number of advantages over other types of electric motors. It is made up of quality materials that make it work for a longer period of time and provide the ease of controlling speed, torque and have a quite simple design. So, if you are looking for DC motors, then online portals are the most reliable place to find them in multiple designs and options. Several online buyers and manufacturers helps you to determine the best quality product as per your needs and industrial applications. So, log in to your computer to get the best available deal in DC motors at affordable prices.

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