Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DC Starter

DC Starter: A Power Source to the Engine Run Devices

A DC starter is advance technology driven device used to provide power to the engines of automobiles and various industrial tools. It is commonly available in low voltage DC up to 12V and high voltage DC 120V to 230V versions, that depends on the size and applications of a engine. The range of starters are custom designed by experts to meet the needs of power and integration in various heavy duty applications and commercial engines. The list of tools equipped with a DC starter mainly includes, cranes, elevators, trolleys, conveyors and automobile starters. 
DC starter
DC starter solenoid is attached to the DC motor and consists of electric windings or coils that plays a critical role in the operation of a device. A three point starter is the most important part of a motor that helps in starting and running of tools and equipments. Additionally, armature and commutator are the basic components of a DC starter motor, in which, armature helps in the rotational movement and generally manufactured of steel shaft. Whereas, the commutator is attached to the shaft at the one end of starter. Similarly, it consists of copper segments that are insulated with each other. This machine is ideal for large loads and heavy load industrial applications that require high torque and power. It is a constant speed motor that is generally required at the place where the load has to be driven at a high speed and in a constant manner.
Well designed DC starters are offered at online stores in different standards which can be categorized as per their efficiency, torque level, rotational capacity and power. It is useful to accomplish a number of industrial applications in an easy manner. Apart from this, buyers can look out for a remarkable range of DC motors at online stores, where you can also read out about their specifications and technical details. There you will surely get the right product at appropriate price range.

There are many DC starter manufacturers and suppliers in the b2b marketplace have their online store. They also give their users the opportunity to view detailed information and pictures of the products so that the users can confidently buy the offered range of DC panel.

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