Wednesday 15 October 2014

Silver Jewelry-Things to Know About the Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry-Things to Know About the Silver Jewelry
Silver is a lustrous white metal which is also considered as the symbol of prosperity according to the Hindu religious belief. These days markets are fulfilled with the variety of beautifully crafted silver jewelries, coins, ornaments, utensils and much more. The designer range of jewelries available in the market are silver rings, silver bangles, anklets, silver necklaces and many more items.

Silver ornaments are generally fabricated by using standard form of silver that has 92.5% silver content and 7.5% of copper. Similarly, jewelry items are also coated with .999 fine silver finish, which make them look bright and shiny.

The authentic silver jewelry can be identified with 'Sterling' mark or with the number '925'. These two symbols are engraved at the time of crafting. Generally, you can find these symbols on the interlocking parts of a silver necklace and  inside the silver rings and bracelets. So, it is extremely important to check out these two marks on silver jewelry, as it ensures the genuineness.

The color and shine of a silver jewellery are the other main factors that helps you to judge its quality. If a jewelry item has much brighter surface than possibly it is silver plated and not authentic to purchase. Additionally, there is one more method to prove the genuineness of a silver jewelry. It is a chemical method, in which you have to apply nitric acid on the surface of silver. If the surface leaves a green mark than it proves that silver has a high content of copper and is not 100% pure.

The silver beaded jewelry comes in variety of elegant patterns and designs that is only possible with the help of advanced machinery and tools. The silver rings and silver jewelry boxes are the most favorite of women and youngsters these days. The silver jewelry items are offered at very less prices, which is comparatively lower than the other precious metals like gold and diamonds.

The ethnic silver ornaments are highly demanded in the western countries for their stylish looks and traditional designs. The silver necklaces and silver bangles goes well with almost any kind of dress and perfect to wear on every occasion. Likewise, it is also important to maintain silver jewellry items in a proper manner.

The foremost step is to clean the jewelry items on a regular basis  by using mild detergent or soap. Secondly, you can also go for machine cleaning, which is done by the professionals at any jewelry store. Apart from this, don't soak silver jewelries in the water, it can damage the texture, shine and luster of the metal. Silver jewelries are ever known for their elegance and valuable features, we need to take care of them in an appropriate manner, so that it doesn't lost its shine and brightness.

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