Thursday, 16 October 2014

Combined Harvester Parts - Things to Know About the Combined Harvester Parts

Combined harvester is a farming equipment that is commonly used in the modern farms. It helps in harvesting the grains in a efficient way by combining three separate steps into one machine. The harvester can performs the process of reaping, thrashing and cleaning of crops in a quick and easy manner. There are different types of combined harvester parts available in the market like mower double fingers, rasp bars, wooden coupling, blades, cutter bars, grain lifters, and more. All these tools are considered best in the market for the harvesting purpose.
There are three main farming processes which is done by using a combined harvester machine. The foremost step is reaping that means cutting of crops. As the combine harvester encased with a header in its front section that helps in pulling the crops from the farms. From here the crops is pushed into a pickup reel for the further cutting process. From here the crop is cut off by using the cutter bar tha is also known as mowing fingers. The thrashing is the second process which is done with the help of a combine harvester parts. In this process the crop is beaten to separate the grains from the main plants. After completing the cutting of crops, it is further carried by a conveyor belts and deposited into a thrashing drum. Further, the crop is beaten inside the drum by using bars beat that detached the grains from the roots, straw and main plant. Now, the straw waste is carried out with the help of a straw walkers and the grains falls down for further processing. Finally, it is the turn of cleaning of grains which is done by using air blowers. In this process the grains are laid on a flat screen and air is blown on its full force. As a result, the extra parts of a plant that is also called as chaff blows away from the main crop. Now, the grains safely goest into a collecting tank , from here it goes into a storage bin that is attached to a combine harvester. The major components of a combined harvester are the cutting section, thresher, straw walkers, cleaning and grain tanks. All these are the essential combined harvester parts that performs in an excellent manner in the farm fields. The cutting section consists of a straw lifters, cutter bar , a reel for feeding and conveyors for transportation of crops. Similarly, the thresher consists of a cylinder and concave that separates the grain from the main plant. Combined harvester also has a set of straw walkers on which the remaining grains are detached from the straw by using gravity method. Generally, all the harvesters consists of a cleaner that has a blower and oscillating sleves. Thus, the entire combine harvester parts plays a vital role in the farming process and carried out the best results.

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