Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Rangoli Colors Make Colorful Your Homes in Diwali

The much awaited festival season is knocking at the door. In India almost during the entire year there are several festivals take place. Few of them such as Navaratri, Onam, Pongal, Eid and Diwali are celebrated country wide. During the festival season preferably at the time of Diwali most of the household lives in India or few from abroad redecorate their home. There are other several festivals when people beautify their home by several things. One of them is Rangoli colors. Rangoli is a traditional floor art that is designed by various colors to decorate the rooms and courtyards of the house. It signifies the happiness and prosperity.

Rangoli can be designed by variety of things such as

Colored rice
dry flours
flower petals
sand colors
water colors
colored chalks 
other dry colors
Types of Rangoli

In the different states of India Rangoli have different names depending on the catgory of the Rangol. Few to be mentioned like

Jhoti or Chita
Muggu and so on

There is a wide variety of Rangoli colors available in the market. In recent times Rangoli colors are found to be the trendiest home d├ęcor during festive seasons. Mostly the women in the family are the creators of rangoli during festivals. In the earlier days women used their hands to create rangoli on the floor. But with the passing time as the demand for Rangoli is increasing the manufacturers are offering alternative ways to create it. The alternative ways include the plastic rangoli, Rangoli stickers and coated rangoli. These are the few things that are available in the market to save time. Compared to the handmade rangolis these are more useful as there is less chance of damage of the color. Rangoli stickers are popularly accepted by the people as they do not take much time to create and they last longer than the handmade rangolis.

Not only floor art but in few places it is found that Rangoli colors are used to create paintings. The colors that are used to create these painting are cement colors which are more stable than the usual colors. Most of the manufacturers are offering organic colors to design handmade rangoli so that it will not affect anyone after using it.

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