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Manufacturing Of Hand Tufted Carpets In India

hand tufted carpets
Carpets are textile floor coverings which is a kind of thick fabric. These floor coverings on the surface of the fabric are equipped with extra yarn which is known as pile. The pile is produced by the assistance of weft yarn or by warp yarn. The term pile is also used for wall and table coverings. These floor coverings are used in offices, households, hotels, occasions, public gatherings, functions and at many more places. These floor coverings beautify the environment as well as are prominently utilized for pronouncing the theme.

For satisfying the huge varied target market, a wide range of these floor coverings exists which also includes the various kinds of categorizations in manufacturing of these floor coverings. These floor coverings are available in various ranges which are classified according to the weaving techniques or designs or according to the type of fabrics used for meeting the market demands. The most common fibers which are used for fabricating floor coverings include wool which is durable and warm, silk which is the most exotic, jute and many synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, acrylic and olefin out of which the most durable is the polyester. Coir floor coverings and bamboo floor coverings form a different range of eco friendly floor coverings.

There are almost twice a dozen of designing patterns to choose for floor coverings. Ranging from the plushiest and oldest Persian and Turkish floor coverings to colourful Kashmiri floor coverings, these encircle an extensive array of cultural influences inscribed in the designs. Only a vague and broad categorization can be done according to the skills of the weaver. Generally hand tufted, hand knotted and hand woven floor coverings with some more kinds comprise this category. Another category is the non woven floor coverings or bonded floor coverings which are fabricated with more advanced techniques. These incur low cost, easy processing and are durable and so these features contribute to its increasing popularity.

Hand Tufted Carpets are fabricated by utilizing a tufting gun and in its front the
needles are mounted. The process of production is conducted by hands which are involved in operating the machine. The artistic floor pieces are created by the tufted gun which resembles like a modern drilling machine and it shoots lustrous and soft yarns into base. The floor covering is fabricated on a frame and a cotton foundation is used for lacing it with the impression of the design on it. The set mechanism is used to shot the yarn and on the surface it is pulled back.

The other required equipments are loaded with this specially equipped machine. The machine cuts and creates the loop according to the requirement of the design. A faster production process takes place with the help of the hand tufting machine and at the same time there remains no restriction in the usage of fiber. The price of these floor coverings varies according to the design, size and usage of fiber of the floor coverings. Latex covering is used for backing the floor covering after the tufts are done and this ensures endurance.

All types of floor coverings are available online. Persons interested can browse the internet for availing these floor coverings.

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