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Essential Oils Meant to Nourish The Human Hair

It is well said that a luxuriant mane is the pride of the owner and the envy of the neighbour. Among the personal grooming activities of mankind hair care has always ranked prominent. Since ages essential oils or volatile oils have been prescribed and used for enhancing the beauty and health of Human Hair or the keratinous bio material.

human hair
Hair is an essential part of the human anatomy and since ages it has received great attention from the people around the owner and also from the owner itself. Hair care has always occupied an important part of the personal car regime of a person irrespective of age, gender, culture, religion or any other conceivable differentiating factor of the humans. This eternal quest to preserve, enhance and cultivate the keratinous growth on the head of a person has led to the invention and discovery of various chemical and natural hair care potions and elixirs over ages. The volatile oils are the surviving and an ancient relic in the account trichological evolution. The utilizations of these oils have been mentioned that trace back to ancient Indian, Oriental and Egyptian civilizations and various therapeutic and cosmetic formulas comprising of essential herbal oils and extracts for hair and scalp care have been ascertained during numerous archaeological expeditions.

Essential oils consist of the extracted volatile aroma compounds and it is a
water insoluble liquid. These oils consist of aroma extracted from the original and true essence of the plant. Some of these volatile oils include jasmine oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, wood oil, cedar oil etc. Essential aroma oils used for hair are used for enhancing the hair growth, mitigate scalp irritations and prevent hair loss.

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Lavender oil is well known in aromatherapy for its de stressing effects and nerve calming. Lavender oil is excellent for relaxing the hair strands and soothing the scalp. The cooling effects of the lavender oil also calm anxiety and anxiety can be major cause for hair fall. Lavender oil is a very powerful parasite repellent and so it is effective against nits and head lice. Lavender oil offers excellent remedy for various dermal conditions of the scalp like scalp acne, psoriasis etc. because of its anti inflammatory features.

Hair loss is prevented by the arnica oil which is one of the best ethereal oil and it can cure alopecia neurotic. In homoeopathy arnica is also used widely in various problems related to hair like dandruff, graying hair and diffuse alopecia. Arnica oil consists of antioxidant properties and is an excellent anti inflammatory agent that protects hair and enriches the scalp from damage caused by environmental pollution and harsh elements. 

Basil essential oil is well known for promoting hair growth. In the scalp region the basil oil stimulates the blood circulation and the hair roots are nourished which helps to get rid of the scalp’s dead skin. Scalp health is promoted by blending basil oil with ivy burdock herbs and fenugreek which is used for rinsing the scalp. The tingling and mild effect and the aroma of the basil oil is great massage oil for the scalp which is effective in treating stress, headaches and insomnia. For treating anxiety and migraine, basil oil is mixed with camphor. 

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