Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Decorate Your Home with Glass and Cement Bricks

Glass has been a fascinating material since centuries. The bricks of glass evolved with dramatic speed and so these are used in commercial edifices as well as in residential buildings. The bricks made of glass can even replace the granite, cement and clay bricks which are used as exterior building materials. Apart from artistic appeal and beauty the glass bricks provide durability which is the most essential use of these bricks in modern architecture. Glass is a leading construction material which is used for both exterior and interior purposes because of the invention and implementation of widespread glass works. The most significant contribution of glass to architecture is the capability to eliminate the visual barrier between the outer and the inner parts of a building. Energy is conserved by glass as it allows light to penetrate through it which at the same time offers with warmth and brightness.
glass bricks

The bricks made of glass block UV rays, conserve energy, radiate heat and minimize heat gain and also provide with privacy with the flip of a switch. In architecture the utilization of the bricks made of glass has increased significantly because of its transparent quality. People prefer bricks of glass as they prefer natural bright spaces compared to electronically lit areas and at the same time can save energy. They prefer glass as they can also remain connected with the outside world which allows the bright light inside and it also offers with an opportunity to create a beautiful natural ambiance.

In the building industry bricks made of glass are not new because of their transparency and structural properties. These bricks also offer with privacy so these have always remained a preference for residential buildings. These bricks diffuse light and are also aesthetically pleasing elements. These are capable of reducing the sunlight penetration during the summer months. The thermal properties of these bricks during the winter months are comparable to double gazing.

The bricks of glass are also used in construction because of their cost and strength. These bricks are inexpensive and stronger than other bricks. The overall interior ambiance is enhanced by these bricks of glass and the appearance of the outer portion of the building enhances due to these bricks. The buildings made of glass blocks looks sophisticated and well maintained and do not look dull like the other brick buildings. Plain washing solutions or detergents can be used in cleaning these glass blocks and no industrial cleaning agent is required like other brick buildings.

cement bricks
The cement bricks are large rectangular bricks utilized in the construction of buildings. These bricks of cement are fabricated from cast concrete that is made from aggregate and cement consisting of fine gravel and sand for blocks of high density. These bricks of cement are of ten or seven MPa strength which are utilized in residential buildings, small DIY jobs, in walls which require plastering and in walls which cannot be seen. The bricks of cement provide with certain advantages which include that these are extremely strong, last longer, more affordable and offer the flexibility of customization of colors.

The bricks of glass and cement used for construction purposes are easily available online. Persons interested can browse the internet to directly avail these from the manufacturers.

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