Tuesday 23 September 2014

Fire Crackers Make The Celebrations More Joyful

Among all the seasons there is only festival season which is the most awaited season of all in India. The festive seasons start with Navaratri and keep going with other festive such as Onam, Pongal, Eid, Diwali and such. All these festivals are the occasion of lights and colors which signify prosperity and happiness for life. The best way to celebrate any occasion of festival in India is to play with Fire crackers. It is mostly seen that in the auspicious occasion of Diwali, people fire the crackers to celebrate the cheerful festival of lights. not only in India but these crackers are used worldwide to celebrate the several occasions.

There are several types of Bijli crackers available during festive season. Such as

Annar or flower pot: these do not make noise but are a visual treat. They make lot of lights but no sound.

Rockets: these look like original rockets and after firing it, it goes up and explodes in the sky.

Chakra: as per their name, they look like wheels. They need to be fired on the floor.

Sparkles: these are kids-friendly. Sparkles have a holder attached with them which are helpful for anyone to hold it without damaging their hands.

Sutli bombs: these are the explosives that make high noise with a flash of light. These can be dangerous for the kids but playful for the adults.

Apart from the mentioned types there are much more different types of Fire crackers available in the market. Such as electrifying wires, colored sparkles, electronic marshals and such. All these do not make noise but visually they are perfect for a celebration. Other than sutli bomb there are many more sound crackers that are used to make noise to show the happiness and celebration mood. To name few there are seven shots, rockets bombs and such.

Burning Fire crackers is no doubt a significant way of celebrating the festivals. But on the other one should keep this in mind while playing with crackers, kids and children should be kept away from the crackers. Adults also should be very careful while firing the crackers as they can explode anytime if not handled carefully. Though Fire crackers are risky to handle but it is the best way to celebrate happiness.

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