Tuesday 2 September 2014

Ball Bearing Used for Low Friction Movements with Multiple Benefits

Ball bearings are used in various applications. They are commonly used in machinery industry and in wheels of  vehicles. They were first introduced in the year 1791, and the concept was introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci. With the advancement of technology, various metals such as stainless steel, chrome and ceramic are used for manufacturing ball bearing. From all the available options, steel bearings are best of all, and are quite strong and durable. Apart from all these benefits, ball bearing machine ensure smooth and noiseless operation of different industrial machines. The main purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads.

Basic Parts of Ball Bearing:

Rolling Element Balls: These are the elements that carry the load distributing it throughout the raceways. They tend to rotate about the inner race, but not at the speed the inner race rotates.

Inner Race: This is the part that is mounted on the rotating shaft and tends to rotate the shaft.

Cage: This is an important element in the ball bearing. This acts as a barrier between the balls preventing them from bumping into each other. 

Outer Race: This is the part that is mounted to the housing and is stationery. This also serves as a means for transferring the loads from the bearing to the housing.

Load Bearing Capabilities:

Ball bearing has a good capability to run at high speed but average in carrying loads. They are able to carry only medium loads and hence used in almost all the household items such as ceiling fans, grinders, etc. Additionally, ball bearings are capable of carrying good amount of radial loads but axial loads can be carried only to an extent. Hence these bearings are not used in applications that require heavy axial load to be carried. Several b2b portals are providing a remarkable array of ball bearings in versatile shapes and sizes, so that you can choose the most perfect one as per your requirements.
There are many ball bearing exporters and suppliers in the b2b marketplace have their online store. They also give their users the opportunity to view detailed information and pictures of the products so that the users can confidently buy the offered range of industrial ball bearing, ball bearing wire and Steel ball bearing etc.

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