Thursday, 21 August 2014

Reach-Out Tradeindia Through Multiple Platforms

Tradeindia, being Indian's largest b2b portal, is a perfect solution for small and medium enterprises located all around the World. It is an online market places correcting buyers and sellers and providing business solution to many of its users. The supplier's list offered by the portal is huge and covers suppliers of all types, locations and serving areas. Here you can get the supplier offering the best price and fulfilling your requirement in the best way. You can even get buyers for your products here. With over 27 lakhs registered users, Trade India is an online space full of business opportunities, especially for SMEs who usually possess very minimal marketing budget. The portal helps in getting in touch with thousands of buyers and suppliers, looking for partner to accomplish their business targets.

An active members of tradeindia dailymotion where tradeindia can shares huge number of videos on a regular basis. Daily motion being a largely viewed and loved video sharing platform, use to have around 116 million unique viewers each month. Trade India uses this platform for sharing informative and detailed videos about its clients and products offered by them. These videos help the viewer to get details about the company profile, working area, product range and other facts about a particular company. Trade India also upload videos related to any updates or news about the portal and its offerings.

You can get updates about Tradeindia from tradeindia pinterest account which is an another social networking platform, its events, workshops, achievements and other related activities. Trade India has over 2700 followers on its pinterest page. You can get detailed information on any of the trade India happenings by simply being a follower of Tradeindia's pinterest page and links present there. Here you can get information for events organized for both external and internal public of the company.

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