Friday 1 August 2014

High-Performance Connecting Rods Best Choice for Automobiles

A connecting rod is an engine component that transfers motion from the piston to crankshaft and functions as a lever arm. They are generally made from cast aluminum and are designed to withstand stresses from combustion and piston movement. It is fastened to the piston at its small end, which is also called as gudgeon pin. Additionally, the big end is attached to the crankshaft at the crankpin journal. Connecting rods working phenomena is quite simple, this rod is tough, it may handle either a push or a pull function so the rod may rotate the crank that further results into motion of two and four wheelers. They are forged to form H near the small end of an engine, this shape provide great strength to resist the stresses.

Types of Connecting Rods:

  • Billet Rods: Billet connecting rods are the ones that are generally used for high-end racing vehicles. Billet rods are machined from one piece of steel or aluminum and are lighter, stronger, and more durable than other types. Some billet rods are specially designed with features that reduce level of stress.
  • Forged Rods: The process of making forged connecting rods constitutes forcing the grain of the selected material, such as steel alloy in the specified shape of the rod. Manufacturers use different types of steel alloys including 4340 steel or a chrome and nickel alloy. 
  • Cast Rods:Cast rods are generally the choice of original equipment manufacturers because they handle the load of a stock engine and are less expensive to make. Cast connecting rods possesses a seam down the middle that is noticeable and differentiate it from the forged type.
  • Powdered Metal Rod: Another prime choice of manufacturers is the powdered metal connecting rod. A powdered mix of metal is pressed into a mold and heated at high temperature to melt the mixture into a solid form. Little machining is required with the powdered metal rods because they come out of a mold basically a finished product. These rods are less expensive to manufacture than steel and cast connecting rods.

For the purchase of a best performing connecting rods, the online stores are the best place to approach, because from there you can expect high quality products within the suitable price range and  the product will be delivered to you within stipulated period of time. Hence, there are many benefits associated with the online purchase. Before making a decision related to purchase of con rods, always make a thorough research on the internet or from your own resources. It will help you to gather all the relevant information related to product, that should be your deciding factor before purchase.

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