Monday, 24 June 2013

Eternally Beautiful Antique Diamond Pendant Set

The term pendant is derived from the Latin word pendere which means to hang. Pendants are the most sought after accessories which are usually paired with a metal chain to add elegance, personality and grace to the wearer. An extensive range of designer pendants are available but the one that every woman desires for is a diamond pendant set. The beauty, richness and attraction of a sparkling and dazzling pendant are tough to resist. The classic and elegant pendants can make anyone admirable and fall in love with these pendants. It exhibits lot of attitude and style. Pendants are a must have for all jewellery collections as these are classic and timeless accessories.

Diamond pendants are available in a variety of styles and designs. The most popular and the most precious one is a pendant with solitaire diamond. These pendants possess their own attraction and look distinctive. A metal setting with a single diamond looks unique and exquisite. The glamour and beauty of a pendant with diamond solitaire is hard to surpass. Three stone or two stone diamond pendants make for another attractive accessory. Pendants with 5 stones are also found of similar styles. The cluster pendants are also sought after. These pendants consist of many diamonds gathered closely. Heart shape pendants with diamonds are used for special occasions. These pendants are symbol of romance, love and commitment. These diamond pendants can be flashy as well as be of simple designs. The other diamond pendants which are also popular include diamond journey pendants, diamond key pendants and diamond cross pendants.

Different metal settings are used for these diamond pendants which include gold, platinum and silver and these are paired with a link chain or a box chain to add an extra elegance and glamour to the pendants. These pendants are also available in popular diamond cuts like emerald, pear, oval, princess or round cut. The pendants with stone can be set in various settings like bezel, pave or prong. These diamond pendants are unique gifts for various occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day and birthday. These brilliant or sparkling pendants can also be gifted to the loved ones who are born in the month of April as a birthstone jewellery gift. The receiver is always delighted in receiving a present of diamond pendant. The grandeur and beauty of this beautiful accessory offer with ultimate romantic gesture.

The antique pendants represent the special love or affection towards the dear ones and presenting such gifts had been passed out from one generation to the other. An Antique Style Pendant Set is also available in a dazzling colored sapphire which is encircled by diamonds that add beauty and elegance to the diamond pendants. Diamonds are forever and the women’s love for diamonds is also eternal. The extraordinary and sparkling value of diamonds expresses the never ending emotions of love. Diamonds are lighter than gold and so requires much care. The diamond pendant is the most elegant piece of jewellery that a woman can possess.

All types of diamond pendant set are available online. Persons interested can browse the official websites of the brands or the designers to choose the desired items from the catalogues published on the web.

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