Monday, 24 June 2013

Applications of PVC and FiberGlass Sheets

PVC and FiberGlass Sheets have an extensive range of applications. The form of plastic which is used widely is the PVC and the sheets made from it are used for different purposes. Sheets of PVC of different thicknesses are easily formed by the technique of pressing which is produced under high temperatures and pressure. Different elements are also added to the PVC during the process of fabrication to get the desired qualities which depends upon the intended utilization of these sheets. One of the unique qualities of these sheets of PVC is resistance to UV light.

The PVC Sheets are quite popular in the printing, building and clothing sectors. The materials used to make these sheets are durable, inexpensive and easy to assemble. These sheets can withstand almost all type of harsh environments and this stability of the sheets has increased its popularity. In the construction industry, these sheets of PVC are used for a damp proof course as PVC is water resistant and rust and corrosion free. These sheets of PVC are widely used for making green houses because these sheets are stable when exposed directly to UV light. The transfer of heat is inhibited by the sheets of PVC and these are also resistant to high temperatures. So these are used extensively for insulation purposes.

These sheets are manufactured in various colors and the colors are chosen depending upon their applications. These sheets are mostly transparent and so these are utilized in the sensitive equipment protection like in traffic monitoring devices. The surfaces of these sheets are glossy which is utilized by the advertisement industry in outdoor print advertising. These sheets are widely used in markings and commercial signage products on vehicles for instance in car body stripes. These sheets are capable of withstanding high impacts so these are used in outdoor advertisement. These sheets have resistance to continuous outdoor exposure. Most advanced sheets of PVC are also fire retardant so these can easily be used anywhere. These sheets are waterproof so these can be easily used for lamination purposes in documents and in coating of cards. These sheets are versatile and the materials used in manufacturing these sheets can be recycled.

One of the most significant uses of Fiberglass sheets is roofing. Fibreglass is light weight and has outstanding insulating properties so the sheets made from fibreglass are extensively used in roofing. These fibreglass roofing are used in both commercial and residential construction purposes. Sheets of fibreglass are durable and translucent so these can be utilized in illumination of roofs. The most simple and popular fibreglass is opaque white and other kinds are also found which have various printed designs. The fibreglass roofing which is most translucent allows adequate sunlight to enter the building or a room which can also be used for illumination to cut down the cost of energy usage. The sheets used for roofing can also be decorative which would match the interior or exterior of the building. These sheets have high tensile strength and so do not crack easily and can withstand much weight.

PVC and FiberGlass Sheets are easily available online. Persons or organizations interested can browse the official websites of the manufacturers to directly avail these at industry leading rates.

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