Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Useful Information on Electrical Transformer and Types of Transformer

Electrical transformers are used to change the amount of voltage and are used to bring down higher voltage at the lower point. This process is also known as the laws of electromagnetic induction.
Electrical transformer
Electrical Transformer
A transformer generally works on two mechanisms, in which the first one is electromagnetism and other one is electromagnetic induction. In the first category, the current creates a magnetic field. Whereas, in the second category, a magnetic field in a wire provokes the voltage diagonally ends of the wind. The three common frequencies available in the electric transformers are 50 Hertz, 60 Hertz and 400 Hertz. Similarly, the frequency of 400 Hertz is required for the high powered applications such as aerospace technologies, etc. While selecting transformers, it is also important to consider the factors like the maximum ratings of secondary current and voltage rating, power and output rating, etc.

Types of Electrical Transformer: 

Small distribution Transformer: It is a type of single phase transformer, made usually with wound core system and rectangular windings. The power ranges from 50 to 200 Kva, mainly used in the rural areas. Provide excellent automation with small production costs.

Cast Resin Transformers: Generally, a three phase type of transformer ranges from 250 to 4000 Kva. Appropriate to use in the underground systems, mines and skyscrapers. It is fireproof and explosion-proof and usually better to use in the indoor industrial applications. 

Distribution Transformers: Mainly used for the distribution of electricity in cities and houses. It is a three phase transformer specifically used for the outdoor applications, ranges from 250 to 2500 Kva. Requires less maintenance and better in quality.

Isolation Transformers: Isolation transformers are used two coils without any metallic conduction between these two coils. We can say that these coils are separate with each others. This types of transformers save us from electric shock. 
Transformers are used in important industrial applications, thus it is important to understand their working principle. It is a static device which usually consists of two coils that are electrically separated, but are magnetically linked to each other through a path of reluctance. It helps in the transformation of electric power from one circuit to another of same frequency. If you are a professional company, it is recommended that you should purchase electrical transformers from a trusted resource like online portals, reputed manufactures, suppliers and distributors. In addition, make sure that all the components of a transformer is working properly, so as to ensure the excellent performance.

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