Saturday 15 March 2014

15 Jute Goods Which You Cant Resist to Bring Home

A Step Towards Green Living

Why not bring eco friendy and fancy jute products and articles which are not only stylish but environment friendly in nature. Move a step ahead toward green lifestyle and green home this year. There are lots of fancy and stylish jute articles which can compete with their contemporary goods and products.

jute pen pencil stand

Jute sacks is not the only term related with the jute, but now there are a diversity of jute products available in the market which are highly durable, strong, eco friendly, fancy, low cost and very useful in day to day life.

Although there are plethora of jute products but below I am mentioning some of the most popular jute products which you cant resist to bring home:

Wall Decor Articles: If you go to any handicraft fair or local markets you can see lots of fancy and stylish jute handicrafts articles which are perfect to add charm to your walls and home, for example hanging pockets storage, jute paintings, framed mirrors, tapestries, decals, quilts, murals, key holders, vinyl, framed mirrors, framed photographs, framed pictures, embroidered paintings, etc.

jute wall hanging pocket storage

Attractive Baskets: Manufactured by local artisans in rural and tribal areas of the country these baskets are for multipurpose use. Apart from using them for storage they can also be used for decoration purpose.

Jute Flowers and Flower Pots: Indian expert jute handicraft artisans are highly skilled in making different types of beautiful and attractive jute flowers of different shapes and colors. Such amazing jute flowers are perfect to add immense beauty to your desktop table, dinner table, a corner, or any other part of your house.

jute flowers

Fancy Pen and Pencil Stand: These comes in varieties of beautiful designs, colors, different sizes and shapes. These are not only very useful but can also be used for decorative purpose on your study table or work station.

Lovely Curtains: They are a very good substitute of the contemporary curtains made from precious cotton or other textiles. There are lots of jute curtains are available which come in awesome colors and designs such that one can't resist to bring them home.

jute handicrafts lamp shades

Jute Mats: These can be used to give a beautiful look to any portion of your home floor or to hide any portion of the floor. These comes in different sizes, colors, and prints which are just amazing and beautiful and will definitely add warmness to your home naturally.

jute wall hanging

Jute Rugs: These rugs are best to give a cool and natural look to the floor area of your home. Jute rugs not only gives you a comfy look but also gives your home a warm feeling.

Jute Carpets: These are a rich version of the jute rugs and thus can give rich look to your dining room or any other room. These come in a varieties of designs, colors, and sizes as well as they can also be customized as per your needs.

jute baskets
Fancy Apparels: It is true that nobody would like to compromise with their personality, clothing and fashion. Today the jute apparels manufacturer and designers keep these things in mind and thus bringing different types of clothing and accessories in beautiful colors, latest designs and trendy styles for men, women and kids.

jute racks
Handicraft Articles: If you are fond of handicraft items then jute handicrafts are the best ones, as they are not only bade by the handicraft artisans but are eco friendly as well. There are a wide array of handicrafts made from jute which surely will add beauty to your home.

Stationery Items: Among stationery items there are lots of jute made stationery products with amazing finishing and impressive looks for example folders, files, organizers, school bags, college bags, and many more.
jute file folder

Furniture/Furnishing Products: Chairs, folding bed, portable bed, multipurpose rack, etc. are some of the very popular furniture and furnishing products made from jute which are not only very useful, durable, and environment friendly.

Fancy Footwear: Sandals, slippers, shoes, jutis, for men, women and kids. These are also available in fancy designs and lovely colors.
jute footwear

Jute Bags: Grocery bags, promotional bags, shopping bags, carry bags, gift bags, beach bags, etc. are some of the very popular jute bags available in the market. Plus point of these bags are that they are quite strong and durable. Now such bags have find place even in big shopping complex, swanky malls too woo people.

Jute Sacks: I know jute sacks are not fancy but they are quite useful for storing any goods or stuff. Still manufacturer of jute sacks design them in beautiful colors and excellent finishing.

jute wall hanging doll handicrafts

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