Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Power Cutting Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

The horizontal bandsaw machines consists of one width blades that is driven by wheels. It is a versatile tool which is used to carry out different cutting procedures. The bandsaw machines are designed to cut hard materials in horizontal shapes such as stainless steel, iron, wood, etc.

There are commonly two types of bandsaw machines available in the market, the two wheels and the three wheels.  Both of them comes with the same length blades, but the two wheel machine is easier to operate as compare to the three wheel machine. Likewise, the machine size also depends on the diameter of their wheels and their cutting capacity.

These machines are designed to carry out smooth and vibration-free cutting applications. They are specifically engineered to cut long bars into different shapes with greater accuracy. There are numbers of bandsaw machine manufacturers present in the market, that helps you to find out the right product as per your requirements.

It is important to keep these machines properly maintained, so that they work at their best quality. Generally, these horizontal cutting tool have stainless steel structure, which is quite easy to clean and requires less maintenance.

Before purchasing a band saw machine, make sure that it was properly engineered by the manufacturer of domain, that helps in its safer execution. These machines are typically used in the large manufacturing companies for the cutting of beams, joists, soft woods, plastic, graphite, etc. Trade India lists a number of horizontal band saw machine exporters and provides detailed information on relevant product category.

In a horizontal bandsaw machine the cutting position of the blade is horizontal and it cuts downward. These machines are driven by an electric motor that works on a belt and pulley arrangement. The entire mechanism allows the adjustment of the speed of blades in different cutting stages. 

Additionally, the blade capacity of a band saw machine is an important consideration, as it defines the machine performance and its capabilities. The machines having narrower blades, allows intricate cutting. Whereas, the slightly wider blades can cut more precised shapes in an easy manner.

These machines comes with many additional features such as less vibration, durable structure, powerful motor, high capacity and fine blades. They are usually available in the size ranges of 8”, 14”, 17”, 19”, 21” and 24”.

The frame of smaller size bandsaws are developed by using high quality plastic resin, pressed metal, etc. In comparison to this, the large size frames are manufactured of cast iron and steel. The steel frames are best to use in the production of bandsaw machines, as they are durable enough for the heavy cutting procedures.

In terms of quality, there are many companies providing a qualitative range of band saw machines that provides maximum output at the time of operation. Trade India presents the best list of horizontal band saw machine manufacturers and exporters. 

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